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Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb

Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb

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Bent Or Clogged Condenser Or Evaporator Fins?
Save Time And Money By Fixing Them Easily!

When an AC has to work harder to create the cooled air because of less airflow, it can mean higher utility costs and an air conditioning system that will wear out more quickly because of overuse. The Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb is a professional tuning kit that allows you to restore the fins back without damaging the fins. Bent fins will render the exchange of heat to be less efficient.


  • 6 FINS
    The Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb comes with 6 different fins measurements for your different needs. It can be used for all condenser and evaporator coil and car radiators with slat spacing of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15 fins inch.
    Just match the teeth to the spacing of the fins on your air conditioner, then draw the comb slowly and carefully over the fins. You can spray the fins and the tool with lubricant for easier combing, or use soap and rinse it off afterward.
    It straightens and removes debris in order to avoid loss of performance. It can be used on oil coolers and air conditioner condensers.


  • Fin Densities: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 15 fins per inch
  • Diameter: 81mm
  • Middle Diameter: 64mm
  • Handle Length: 98mm
  • Handle Diameter: 25mm
  • Material: Plastic


  • 1 x Air Conditioner Fin Repair Comb
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Bethany R.
So pleased, i can't tell you what a wallet saver this tool is!

I didn't even know these existed! I have a 35 year old A/C condenser and let me tell you, it's seen better days! But it's still trudging along with a Freon fill here and there so why replace it? It has a very open cage around the fins so they fins are VERY exposed. It had hail damage, weed eater damage, and dog damage. This thing was ugly! I wasn't able to get out all of the bends in the fins because some of the damage at the bottom completely crushed the fins. However, the majority of the bent fins did come out with about an hour or two of work. I did end up repainting the cage with some metal enamel to stop and cover up some rust around the bolts and the combination of the two repairs has made this look like a different unit all together. I showed everyone at my work and all of my friends how this tool works and I took a video of me taking out a bent area most likely caused by hail damage. I got "wow" after "wow".

Angela D.
Tool is worth every penny.

Amazing! Bought this tool to straighten the fins on my ~20 year old condenser unit outside a house I just bought. Couldn’t straighten everything, but the tool did a really really great job on 90% of the condenser. Helps clean gunk out of the fins as well, and is a breeze to use. Unlike other straighteners that don’t quite fit and bend more fins than they straighten, this thing has any size you could want, and size “18” was perfect for me. Utterly amazing. Check out this before and after photo. The condenser breathes super well now, and you can see straight through. New lease on life! Tool is worth every penny.

Bernie W.
Worth every penny!!!

Worth it. Besides the handle you get the two attachments which offer the12 choices of of teeth spacing to accommodate most common condenser fin spacing. If fins are really mushed, start on one side above or below the flattened section and work horizontally over fin by fin. Some you may not be able to get. Fins that are crooked and not mushed straighten out quickly and easily. Major improvement!

Spencer Z.
Got the job done and had exactly the right fin spacing

The fins on my RV air conditioners were flattened by a hail storm. This too and some patient persistence got the job done. I sprayed the fins with some dry teflon lube. I think that made it a little easier.

Arnel D.
Worked great on my RV AC unit.

This is a great product. I was able, with time and effort to straighten most of the fins on my RV AC unit. It was pretty badly damaged in a hail storm. I did have to use a pocket knife a lot to stand the fins up a little bit to be able to use the comb, but the comb was really useful in getting the fins the rest of the way up and straight.

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